Compact and designed for comfort, it can fit seamlessly into any home

Sauna Cerro Combi at Home


Sauna Cerro Combi

The Challenge:
After searching everywhere, a family came to us with a very specific problem: for years, the husband had suffered with chronic back pain, the result of a sports injury in his youth. His wife was desperate for her own, private sauna, but after doing some research they heard that infrared was a better and more direct therapy to treat his symptoms. They weren't wrong! Infrared light is unique in heat and light therapy, as it penetrates deeply into muscle tissue and tackles the pain directly, rather than relaxing the body through steam or indirect heat.
They were struggling to choose between a sauna or an infrared booth, and were even considering buying one of each, but the costs they had been quoted so far were more than their budget allowed.

Our Solution:
Luckily for this family, we at Dr Kern put an emphasis on adaptability and personalised products. With the Cerro Combi we were able to give them both exactly what they wanted: A private, home sauna with infrared lights built into the walls. Compact and designed for comfort, it can fit seamlessly into any home. Not only that, but their two children were delighted by the Bluetooth speakers we installed, bringing them a whole new element of fun!

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