Charming Hotel with Outdoor Spa & Gourmet Restaurant

Hostellerie du Peiffeschof Belgium


Outdoor Luxury Spa

The outdoor sauna CUBE is a combination of modern technique and exceptional design with as a result a long lifespan. the attention is immediately drawn to the outside of the sauna by the three dimensional and robust red cedar. the panoramic glass front is from triple tempered glass and goes all the way and to the front part of the side wall. this way one can enjoy the surrounding nature and relax fully at the same time whilst being in the sauna. the high end nishes are also inside the sauna: ergonomically shaped benches, back and headrests, skirting as
well as an optionally designed oven nish. all this made of the best cedar timber. the ooring is nished in non-slip wood-aspect tiles for hygiene and safety. the 18 kW SaunaDome oven by EoS is the core of the sauna. the complete sauna is controlled with the Emotec D control unit. It is also connected to the music and light module as well as to the Web app control module that makes it possible to control the sauna with an app. In every side wall we have placed a SSI infrared heater by Dr. KErN, this way one can enjoy the infrared heat and the indirect colour light that is placed behind the backrests and offers a beautiful iridescence.

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