DrKern Premium Lounge

Beneficiary for the over- all well being

Infrared warmth meets relaxation. The recliner in the DR. KERN Lounge cabin combines the comfort of an ergonomically shaped reclining surface with the ben- efits of warming infrared heaters. The ergonomical- ly adapted E-SSI heaters follow the contours of the back. They heat exactly there where the pain is or where tension is building up. Blood circulation is stim- ulated, muscles are eased and the back is clearly relieved because of the comfortable position. The warmth extends to the foot area and fights in that way further what is caused by back problems. In the version Relax Lounge, the ergonomically adapted Dr. Kern heaters fitted in the recliners ensure that the complete back area will receive the warmth and therefore become the centre of relaxation for the whole body. DR. KERN is the first to present

Starry sky set: 75 x 2mm & 15 x 4 mm star lights/spots

Exterior finish in braided leather look, available colours: black, white or mocca; Price/m2

Stainless steel corner trims (possible for braided leather). Price/running meter.

Interior finish, other sorts of polywood , price/m2

Interior finish in cedar wooden panels 15 x 185 mm, price/m2

Exterior finish in OSB, price per m2 (instead of standard finish)

Exterior finish in cedar wooden panels instead of cubistic cedar (horizontal or vertical)

Salt evaporator, capacity approx. 110ml/h, for cabins from 4 to 5 m3

Custom-made towel to fit the leather backrest of the heater.

Model Capacity Size (WxD) cm Wattage
Relax Lounge L 2 Persons 160 x 160 x 210 3200 W

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