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Infrared Sauna Premium L – XL

The Infrared technology of Dr.Kern replicates the full and natural Infrared spectrum of the Sun. The atmoshere of the space you find yourself in will give you a particular sense of defined wellness. So for the design of Dr.Kern's Premium range we looked at contemporary interior and exterior design and materials. The classical wood is processed into a modern design, whose components (walls, vapour barrier, insolation, ...) meet the highest quality standards needed for commercial use.

Starry sky set: 75 x 2mm & 15 x 4 mm star lights/spots
Exterior finish in braided leather look, available colours: black, white or mocca; Price/m2
  Stainless steel corner trims (possible for braided leather). Price/running meter.
Interior finish, other sorts of polywood , price/m2
Interior finish in cedar wooden panels 15 x 185 mm, price/m2
Exterior finish in OSB, price per m2 (instead of standard finish)
Exterior finish in cedar wooden panels instead of cubistic cedar (horizontal or vertical)
Seats surface in leather
Salt evaporator, capacity approx. 110ml/h, for cabins from 4 to 5 m3 
Model Capacity Size (WxD) cm Wattage
Premium L 2 Persons 130 x 110 x 210 2280 W
Premium XL 3 Persons 160 x 110 x 210 2650 W

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