Infrared Sauna Cerro M – L – XL

The wonderful thing about infrared saunas is that instead of heating the air like a traditional sauna, the heat goes directly to you. This means that it penetrates your skin and tissue more deeply, making it the perfect heat therapy for sore, tired muscles, chronic pain, or injuries. Infrared heat has been known to improve weight loss, circulation, and even to help people sleep better. Our patented gold-plated Solar-Spectrum-Infrared heaters are especially effective, with a higher degree of reflection than any other infrared sauna, and emitting less than 20% of light than usual.

Starry sky set: 75 x 2mm & 15 x 4 mm star lights/spots 

Salt evaporator, capacity approx. 110ml/h, for cabins from 4 to 5 m3 

Model Capacity Size (WxD) cm Wattage
Cerro M 105 1 Person 150 x 105 x 210 2600 W
Cerro L 135 2 Persons 135 x 115 x 210 3350 W
Cerro XL 155 2 Persons 155 x 115 x 210 3350 W

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