The infrared barrel offers an unbeatable price

A spicy peculiarity is the outdoor infrared cabin BAR- REL in the classic barrel shape. Robust red cedar profiles 40 x 90 mm are the base of this cabin. This way infrared pleasure in open air is possible at any time throughout the year and with nearly any type of weather. Even the roughest weather is defied by this cabin (up to 3 persons) with its roof protected by either shingles or galvanized steel with coconut mat- ting. Naturally we use our by DR. KERN developed and patented SSI full Spectrum heaters. They consist of the full infrared spectrum A, B and C from nature: 3 heaters for the back, 2 x 750 W heaters in the front wall and 1 heaters underneath the bench. To com- plete the wellbeing experience a colour therapy LED and a music system with 2 speakers and connectivity for nearly all media are provided. A roof extension and a salt evaporator are among the optional fea- tures.

Salt evaporator, capacity approx. 110ml/h, for cabins from 4 to 5 m3

Exterior 2nd roof in EPDM with cocos (instead of standard finish)

Panoramic roof

Model Capacity Size (WxD) cm Wattage
Barrel XL 3 Persons 150 x 200 3500 W

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Heat and light - The best recipe