Infrared Cerro Lounge M-L

Infrared Cerro Lounge takes your comfort to a new level, with its ergonomically shaped reclining seat – REDDOT Award-winning model of 2017 – and infrared heaters incorporated into the seat itself. It's specially designed to support your body and provide maximum relief as it directs heat straight to your back – the most common area for build-up of tension and stress – and then throughout your whole body.

Starry sky set: 75 x 2mm & 15 x 4 mm star lights/spots


Salt evaporator, capacity approx. 110ml/h, for cabins from 4 to 5 m3

Model Capacity Size (WxD) cm Wattage
Cerro Semilounge M 2 Persons 155 x 125 x 210 2850 W
Cerro Lounge L 2 Persons 155 x 155 x 210 3400 W

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Heat and light - The best recipe