Ice Machine S-M-L-XL

Our bespoke automatic ice machines are designated to be used for commercial and private applications. The icing systems can be integrated within a production environ- ment to produce, store, deliver and dose the ice wherever it is needed. Nugget ice. On board, ice can be made from fresh water or seawater. We recommend the most common types of industrial ice producers. Info Note
Air cooled devices are recommended for an area with a temperature not higher than 22 degrees Celsius. For other rooms water cooled Ice machines are recommended.

Ice discharge D with stop device
Ice discharge F with stop device
Ice discharge G with stop device
Ice discharge Center-Center or Center-Rear with ice tube/hose and light reflector
Wall brackets, stainless steel
On-Off switch separately
Top hygiene and safety:
Automatic water drain after switch-off
Automatic water drain, plus flushing (push button)
Cartridge-Water filter, type 40
Replacement cartridge (min. exchange 1x per year)
Ice jam-water Stop
Leak-water Stop
Additional Stainless steel ice holder

Model Capacity Size (WxD) cm Wattage
Ice Machine 70kg/24h S  

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